Cycling takes centre stage at the ITS World Congress 2018: Connected, Cooperative and Sustainable

| September 14, 2018

Cycling takes centre stage at the ITS World Congress 2018. Photo: Danish Cyclists’ Federation/Søren Hytting

When the ITS World Congress 2018 with the slogan ‘Quality of Life’ 17-21 September takes place in Copenhagen, cycling has its highest ever presence on the congress stage, in the programme and in supporting side events.

The ITS World Congress 2018 with the slogan “Quality of Life” takes place in Copenhagen, one of the world’s foremost cycling cities. The collaboration of the city and Europe’s leading cycling advocacy organisations means that cycling has its highest ever presence on the congress stage, in the programme ,and in supporting side events.Cycling takes centre stage at the ITS World Congress 2018

Cycling is increasingly recognised as a transport mode that increases the quality of life in cities. The Congress will provide a perfect platform to actively discuss, with the relevant stakeholders, the different challenges, risks, opportunities and advantages of ITS and cycling. This discussion recognises the strategic importance of active mobility to future cities and how it is integrated in the smart, integrated mobility of the future.

There is an extensive series of cycling related sessions on the official ITS programme  hosted by a number of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark’s members. Topics range from autonomous vehicles, Cycling and Mobility as a Service, bike sharing, space optimization through advanced cycle planning tools, data management for bicycle traffic and cycling superhighways. 

Panel debate: “Connected, Cooperative and Sustainable – How cities can accelerate cycling  through intelligent mobility solutions”

Time: Tuesday 18 September 2018, 13.30–15.00
Place: ITS Forum

The Cycling Embassy of Denmark and the Dutch Cycling Embassy are co-hosting a panel debate  to be moderated by Kevin Mayne  from the European Cyclists’ Federation with key leaders in the sector such as Klaus Bondam, CEO Danish Cyclists’ Federation. Marie Kåstrup,  Manager of the Bicycle Program, City of Copenhagen, Monique Harmsen, CEO LumiGuide, Jonna Pöllänen, Head of Early Markets MaaS Global, Astrid Kellermann, Senior Technical Consultant Mobility, Business Development and Strategy Siemens Mobility GmbH, Arlette van Gilst, National Program Manager of Cycling within the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water in the Netherlands, and Philippe Crist, Advisor – Innovation and Foresight, ITF, OECD.

Workshop: ITS and Cycle Superhighways: the good, the bad and all the potentials

Time: Tuesday 18 September at 15.30-17.00
Place: Hotel Bella Sky, Conference room 176-177.

This session focuses on the good and the bad ITS solutions in regional bicycle planning – as well as all of the potentials. Two of the biggest challenges with ITS and regional bicycle planning are first of all that ITS solutions for bicycle traffic today are scarce, and secondly that regional planning calls for solutions that are adjustable to different municipal needs.

Presenters from the Capital Region of Denmark and other European regions will give insight to ITS solutions and potentials in regional bicycle planning both seen from the planners point of view (potential assessment and monitoring tools) as well as the cyclists point of view (traffic flow and information).


  • Sidsel Birk Hjuler, Office for Cycle Superhighways (DK)
  • Jonas Hedlund, Region Skåne (SE)
  • Herbert Tiemens, Province of Utrecht (NL)
  • Fredrik Carling, Hövding (SE)
  • Jos Van Vlerken, The City of Copenhagen (DK)
  • Signe Helledi, Office for Cycle Superhighways (DK)

Reception at the Danish Cyclists’ Federation 

Time: Tuesday 18 September at 16.30-18.30
Place: Danish Cyclists’ Federation, Rømersgade 5-7, 1362 Copenhagen (5 min. from Nørreport St.)

Leading advocacy organisations Danish Cyclists’ Federation (DCF), German ADFC, Dutch Fietsersbond and ECF with Christophe Najdovski, ECF President are hosting a reception.  More information Register: 

Technical visits, Copenhagen 1:1: ITS solutions for cyclists in Copenhagen

Time: Tuesday 18 September, 12:00–14:30 and 15:00 and 17:30

Visit to bicycle ITS solutions in Copenhagen. Join us on electric bicycles tour to see how Variable Message Signs (VMS) for bicycles provides dynamic information to cyclist based on real-time sensor data, how sensor data is used to prioritize cyclists in intersections and how bicycle barometers placed in key locations are used communicate to cyclists. See how LED lane lights and apps can make it easier to follow waves for cyclists. Try our “I Bike CPH” app first hand and experience the ITS services it offers to cyclists, and hear how this open source app can collect anonymous bicycle data like travel times and thereby support our traffic management for cyclists.

Technical visits, Copenhagen 1:1: Bicycle planning is city planning

Time: Thursday 20 September, 10:00–12:00 and 12:30–14:30

Copenhagen is known as the best bicycle city in the world. 41 % of all commutes to work or schools happen by bike and 97% state that they are happy with the quality of the bicycle infrastructure. This is not a coincident. The city and its many stakeholders have been working hard for decades to improve the network of bike lanes and the overall quality of the cycle experience. Safety and speed has been improved in many areas and for the first time Copenhagen has more cyclists than cars driving through the city centre. On this 2-hour cycle tour we will get the Copenhagen Cycle experience and learn how innovative bicycle solutions has made Copenhagen one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Copenhagen – City of cyclists

Time: Tuesday 18 September, 17:15–17:45 + Thursday 20 September, 11:30–12:00 (In Danish)
Place: Hotel Bella Sky, Conference room 176-177.

This presentation will give an introduction to the secrets behind Copenhagen’s success in making the bicycle the fast and easy choice for the majority of the city’s commuters. Copenhagen’s unique approach combines infrastructure, ITS, governance and data, and sees the bicycle not as a goal in itself, but as a very effective tool to reach the overall goals of a sustainable, livable, resilient and CO2-neutral capital.

Speaker: Marie Kåstrup, Head of Bicycle Program, City of Copenhagen

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