The Cycling Embassy of Denmark at the Town Planning Meeting 2016

| October 7, 2016

At the Town Planning Meeting in Malmö, the Cycling Embassy of Denmark (CED) is sharing and promoting Danish bicycle culture. 


Niels Hoé at the CED stand at the Town Planning Meeting 2016 in Malmö. Credit: Niels Hoé

The theme of this year’s Town Planning Meeting is ´Cities in transition – Global challenges, local solutions´, and here the participants will discuss and share knowledge on how best to change cities for all the demands and needs a city and its citizens have today.

CED member Niels Hoé, from HOE360 Consulting is participating in Malmö and promoting Danish bicycle culture and knowledge sharing on livable cities. Through a historic bicycle culture Denmark as a nation and Danish companies have developed extensive know-how on the bicycle area. The Cycling Embassy of Denmark are continuously working on sharing this knowledge with the rest of Europe in order to create healthier cities and more livable cities.

Because of different kinds of global challenges, such as climate change, massive urbanization, globalization and migration, cities needs to adapt. These challenges puts a huge amount of pressure on our cities and stresses the need for flexible planning. Here Malmö have had great success. Malmö have during the last 25 years changed from an industrial city to a modern city of knowledge. The city have changed both physically and strategically, to become socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. Cities needs to be adaptable. Malmö can work as an example on how this can be done. However, the Town Planning Meeting is also a forum where ideas and knowledge is shared among different cities, with different ideas on how best to make cities changeable, so that they can cope with global challenges locally.

CED will be present at the Town Planning Meeting from Thursday the 6th of October till Friday the 7th.

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