CED member in prominent international partnership with DHL

| October 3, 2016

The small Danish bicycle manufacturer Larry vs Harry, and member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark, has started a partnership with international courier company DHL. Together they have developed an electrically powered cargo bike with an anti-theft box, making it perfectly suited for transporting parcels. After a successful trial period using the bike in several European countries, DHL is introducing the Danish cargo bike for full use in Asia. 


The Harry vs. Larry cargo bike on the streets of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Larry vs. Harry was founded 8 years ago and has 6 employees in their shop in Copenhagen, from where the cargo bikes are being dispatched. According to owner of Larry vs Harry, Hans Fogh, the partnership is a big step up:

    “We are excited about collaborating with a huge partner such as DHL, because it exposes us (red. Larry vs Harry) to the entire world. Furthermore, it is also satisfying to play an active role in reducing congestion in cities.”

At the moment approximately 75 Larry vs Harry Bullitt-bikes equipped with DHL logos are on the road in Holland and Germany. The partnership between Larry vs Harry and DHL is adding to a growing trend in Europe where companies are replacing cargo vans with cargo bikes. The European Cyclists’ Federation (EFC) estimates that 50 % of all light cargo, now delivered by van in cities, can be delivered by cargo bikes.

The partnership is also appreciated by DHL, as project manager at DHL Holland, Arne Melse, puts it

    “The Bullitt-bikes can easily transport approximately 100 kilograms on their cargo platforms. The bikes therefore enable us to deliver goods to places where we previously haven’t been able reach by car or van. So we are very pleased.”

What Larry vs Harry are achieving with this partnership is wishfully the beginning of replacing vans with cargo bikes in major cities, and in turn hopefully making the inhabitants healthier, happier, while creating more efficient intracity infrastructure and mobility.

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