50,000 Danish children learn about the importance of bike lights

| November 11, 2015

In November, the Danish Cyclists’ Federation’s light and bike reflector campaign will be teaching pupils in 4th grade across the country to remember bike lights.

Lights ON with Ludvig

School pupils remembering their bike lights

Summertime is over, and before long the days will be so short that you need to use your bike lights both when going to school in the morning and when returning to your home in the afternoon. This is why the Danish Cyclists’ Federation in collaboration with the foundation TrygFonden and the Danish Police are launching a nationwide reflector- and light campaign.

The campaign is called “LYS PÅ med Ludvig” (Lights on), and 50,000 pupils from across the country have signed up. The goal of the annual campaign is teach a whole year group how important it is to remember the lights while riding in the dark.

“Lights on the bike are an important factor for children’s safety in traffic at this time of year. With the campaign, we want to teach children to remember to use lights without help from parents. Therefore, our campaign is targeting the age group where many children start to ride bicycles on their own.We hope that our campaign teaches the kids to always and naturally remember to use bike lights. The campaign reaches more than half of this year group in Denmark, so the effects of the campaign can be incredibly beneficial if the kids actually remember to use bike lights once the campaign is over, “says Maria Bech, Head of Campaigns at the Danish Cyclists’ Federation.

Lights on when the sun goes downKampagner

According to the bike light law, you have to use bike lights from sunset to sunrise and in foggy weather. On Monday the 2nd of November 2015 for instance you needed lights until 7.15 in the morning and again after 16.30, if you live in Denmark. However, up until the 21st of December, the days will shorten meaning that you need to use bike lights until later in the morning and again earlier in the afternoon.

“If often surprises us how early it gets dark especially during winter time. So the campaign is also a reminder to the whole family that it is about time to purchase a new set of bike lights or find them in the drawers,” says Maria Bech.

How “Lights on” works Lights ON

Through the annual campaign, the Danish Cyclists’ Federation raises awareness on the importance of bike lights among younger cyclists. The campaign runs in November and increases kids’ knowledge about visibility and safety in traffic through a training program which is easy for the teacher to use in class.

Danish Cyclists’ Federation sends out material to all the school classes who have signed up for the registered for the campaign. This includes magnetic lights, a catalogue of ideas filled with fun and educational assignments. The pupils can through these tasks become more aware of the importance bike lights and remember to use it.

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For more information about the camapign check the website: LYS PÅ or contact us.

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