Cycling Embassy of Denmark is represented at the European Green Capital Award Ceremony

| June 24, 2014

Photo: Ursula Bach

Copenhagen is European Green Capital 2014. On this occasion, the European Commission’s Green Capital Award Ceremony is held at The Black Diamond in Copenhagen on June 24th.

The EU Commission annually awards the European Green Capital Award to a city that works consistently and ambitious to become greener. The winner also commits itself to being green role model for the rest of the EU. Part of the program

As a part of the ceremony, Danish and international specialists will host a workshop called “Biking in Copenhagen and Beyond”. Three members of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark is represented at the workshop, counting Klaus Bondam, CEO of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation, Niels Hoe, CEO of HOE360 Consulting and Morten Kabell, Mayor of the Technical and Environmental Administration at the Municipality of Copenhagen.

Furthermore, Karl Falkenberg, Director General for the Environment at the European Commission and Philippe Crist, expert at OECD, will participate in the workshop. The theme of the workshop is to challenge Copenhagen’s reputation as the greatest cycling city in the world:

Could there in fact be any challenges and pitfalls, despite Copenhagen’s reputa­tion and aspiration to be the greatest city for cyclist in the world? What can Copenhagen learn from other European cities and vice versa? And what is biking? Is it just about getting from A to B, or is there more to it than that?”

Niels Hoe as well as Klaus Bondam and Morten Kabell also participated in the Velo City Global conference in Adelaide back in May 2014. They are now gathered once again to share their expertise and hopefully affect the agenda of the future cycling cities of Europe.


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