The Cycling Carpenter

| December 11, 2009

Even though the Danes are known as keen cyclists, Finn Christiansen is a bit of a rarity. Craftsmen usually drive cars so they can carry their equipment, but Finn Christiansen loves riding a bike. A couple of years ago he found a transport bike made especially for his needs – and it was a dream come true.

“It was much more complicated before. I like cycling, but there isn’t room for tools and other equipment on an ordinary bike, so I had to switch between bike and car, depending on how much stuff I had to carry. But now I’ve got a transport bike that rides well and looks cool, so now I can always ride a bike,” Finn explains.

Riding a bike means that he needs to plan his work a bit better, and that is probably one of the reason why only a few craftsmen uses transport bikes in their work.

“I can’t take 20 different types of screws with me every day, as you can in a car. I need to plan my work. I often meet other craftsmen that would like to ride a bike like mine, but they need to think in new ways to make it work, and so does their boss,” says Finn.

He thinks cycling is by far the most convenient means of transport in his daily life, and in his spare time he enjoys to go camping by bike with his family.

He has to children aged 13 and 20. They ride their own bikes, as most young people in Copenhagen, but they love to borrow their dad’s transport bike.

“We also have a car,” he explains, “but for some reason my kids find my bike cooler.”

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