CED Member: Municipality of Rudersdal

Byvåben med navnetræk web lille pngFor many years the Municipality of Rudersdal has worked to promote bike-possibilities for its inhabitants. With its numerous green scenic areas, and a great network of bicycle friendly paths including dedicated bike infrastructure, the Municipality of Rudersdal makes an active effort in promoting cycling in its area for all types of bicyclists, be it riders of leisure or sport.

In 2011 Rudersdal had the joy of hosting the UCI Road WorldCykling 2015 lille logo Championships. Simultaneously with the World Championships the project ‘Cycling in Rudersdal’ started. This project focuses on cycle related activities for Rudersdal’s inhabitants, while at the same time synergizing the internal and external efforts surrounding cycling in the municipality.

Specifically the project aims at supporting the move towards a sustainable, green, and healthy municipality, through encouraging its inhabitants to regard the bicycle as an obvious source of exercise, transportation, sport, education, play, and experience, in their everyday lives. The significant health benefits in choosing the bike instead of the car, is a sizable part of the project – and with Rudersdal’s many scenic areas the bike seems an obvious tool for a healthy life.

The Municipality of Rudersdal has roughly 55.000 inhabitants and is positioned north of Copenhagen.

Member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark since 2015.