CED Member: Municipality of Gladsaxe

Gladsaxe-Cykler-logo-med-pos-styrThe municipality of Gladsaxe is part of the Greater Copenhagen region. It covers an area of 25 km2 and has a total population of around 66.000.

Approximately 22 percent of Gladsaxe’s residents use their bicycle as their primary means of transport, meaning that Gladsaxe is one of the five most cycling municipalities in Denmark. Gladsaxe was nominated for the “Cycle City Award” in 2015.

94 percent of all public roads in Gladsaxe have either bikeways or traffic calming (e.g. speed reduction zones, speed bumps or narrowed roads) or both. Gladsaxe has seen a 90 percent reduction of traffic collisions involving cyclists since the mid-eighties, which is well above the national average.

During the last 12 months, professors, students, politicians andcykel og øko 006 members of the press from countries such as the USA and Austria have visited Gladsaxe to hear and learn about local and regional cycling-related initiatives.

However, this does not mean that we wish to rest on our laurels. Gladsaxe has several new projects that seek to increase the amount of cyclists in the municipality, on top of a decade-long ongoing strategy to ensure the safety and comfort of cyclists and pedestrians.

The end goal is to be one of the top three cycling municipalities in Denmark within five years. To reach this target Gladsaxe, amongst other things, seeks to upgrade and improve roads without bikeways and generally increase the proportion of the total road trips taken by bicycle to 25 percent.


Gladsaxe specifically works to ensure that school roads are safe for cyclists and cooperates with the municipality’s schools in targeting schoolchildren who, as the next generation of potential cyclists, are vital to the enduring success of these projects. One example of this is the building of a bikeway tunnel adjacent to Grønnemose School that enables the cycling and pedestrian children to cross a heavily trafficated road safely.

Other specific initiatives include improved parking for cyclists and publically available bicycle pumps.

Approximately 4,5 million Euro has been allocated between 2014 and 2018 to improve the conditions for cyclists and to promote cycling in general, as a cheap, safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable means of transport.

Contact information:

Municipality af Gladsaxe
Roads and Parks department
Rådhus Allé 7
2860 Søborg

Phone: +45 39 57 58 52

For further information contact:

Susanne Bislev Sonnenberg: subiso@gladsaxe.dk or visit www.gladsaxe.dk/cykler (in Danish)

Member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark since 2015.