CED Member: Municipality of Frederiksberg

PrintThe municipality of Frederiksberg is the smallest municipality in Denmark – located in the middle of Copenhagen.

At just nine square kilometers and a density of almost 12,000 inhabitants per square kilometer, it is the most densely populated local authority in the country. This allows short distances, which in turn provide good opportunities for cycling. In 2014, one third of all trips were by bicycle. In 2018 it should be 40 % of all trips that is done by bicycle.

In the Bicycle Policy 2013-18, the vision is that Frederiksberg is the city where it is attractive for citizens at all ages to bike. 90 % of all the bicyclists in Frederiksberg should be satisfied with the city as a bicycle friendly city. In 2014, 74 % of the cyclists were satisfied.

The municipality is focusing on the infrastructure and each year several million kroners are spend and some hundred meters of bicycle paths are added to the net of bicycle paths along the roads. The goal is that all traffic roads are provided with bicycle paths in 2020. At the moment, more than 90 % of the traffic roads have bicycle paths or lanes.

Contact Information:
Municipality of Frederiksberg
Road and Park
Smallegade 2
2000 Frederiksberg
Phone: +45 3821 4292

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