CED Member: Municipality of Esbjerg


Encouraging cycling
In many different ways, the Municipality of Esbjerg works to promote cycling. The overall objective is that more people should bike and more people should bike more – bike commuters as well as bike tourists.

During recent years, the cycle safety has been greatly improved. Physical changes as well as campaigns to change behavior make local cyclists some of the happiest in Denmark.

Helping cyclists on their way through the city is a priority. The first cycle super highway connects the north of Esbjerg with the port in the south. The next cycle super highway will connect east and west, thereby improving the access to all parts of the city.

Organizing collective bicycle commuting through bike busses has created a great way for bike commuters to meet at designated physical spots.

Improving the different phases of the cycling experience is a priority. Nearly 300 new cycle parking spots will be added in central locations. To create a better flow through the inner-city traffic, the municipality will allow more right turns at red lights for bicycles.

Biking is a great way to spend your holiday. Bike tourists can experience The Wadden Sea National Park – a UNESCO world heritage site in the best possible way; cycling in the beautiful surrounding. Bike paths will take you from the northern part of the municipality all the way to the south. Along many of the larger routes bicycle pit stops with air pump and drinking water stations.

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Member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark since 2016.

Anne Slot Frandsen pumper luft i dækket på en cykel ved cykelplejestationen ved Esbjerg Banegård.

Bike maintenance at Esbjerg Station

Elever fra Rybners Gymnasium på cykel ved gymnasiet. I baggrunden ses Grådyb Kollegiet.

Students cycling near the local high school


Esbjerg is also an interesting destination for bicycle tourists