CED Member: Municipality of Aarhus

Billedresultat for city of aarhus logoAarhus Cycle City is the name given to all cycle-related activities initiated by the Municipality of  Aarhus. In Aarhus, almost 25% of residents use a bicycle to get to work, but the ambition is to increase this proportion considerably.

A large-scale Cycle Action Plan sets out completely new ambitions for cycle traffic with projects totaling 34 million Euro. This will put Aarhus on the national map as one of the most cycling-friendly municipalities in Denmark – if not the world! New projects to be implemented include new, high-grade cycle routes, Denmark’s first ‘cycle streets,’ projects to reduce accidents involving cyclists and trucks, high-grade parking facilities, high-grade path and route signage, cycle barometers, electronic info displays, massive upgrading of cyclist safety and movement through various improvements at intersections, and Park & Bike terminals.

Contact Information:
Municipality of Aarhus

City Road Division

Karen Blixens Boulevard 7

8220 Brabrand

Phone: +45 8940 4400

Website: www.aarhus.dk 


Member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark since 2010.