CED Member: Municipality of Aalborg

AalborgAalborg is situated in the northern part of Denmark. The Municipality of Aalborg has a population of around 200.000 inhabitants and the urban area a population of some 120.000. This makes Aalborg the fourth largest city in Denmark. In the municipality there is a total of more than 400 km cycle paths and lanes and the network constantly expands.

The cycling initiatives in Aalborg take their starting point in the Cycling Action Plan from 2013.  This plan includes goals related to the development in cycle traffic and specific initiatives regarding improving cycling infrastructure and promoting cycling in general.

The last couple of years the city has worked with establishing commuter travel routes for cyclists on stretches in the city. These route specifically focus on getting people to use the bike on shorter commuter trips less than 5 km. On these routes the cyclists are provided with cycle barometers with information, signposting, automatic air pumps, and special measures to improve the free flow condition for cyclists like for instance segregated bicycle filter lanes.

Contact Information:

City of Aalborg,

Traffic & Road Department

Stigs­borg Bryg­ge 5, Boks 219
9400 Nør­re­sund­by
Tlf. 9931 2000

Website: www.aalborgcykelby.dk (in Danish)

Member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark since 2011.