CED Member: Larry vs Harry

logoLarry vs. Harry produce the original Bullitt cargo bike, a labour of love from the dark days of 2008 and conceived by the hive minds of an engineer and a cycling svengali.

Together, they formed the genesis of the Bullitt, an all-inclusive, utterly innovative transport solution, designed for just about everyone, from the professional craftsman to the family unit, boy racer to mobile chef. The Bullitt, designed for speed, durability, stability and to this day, the only bicycle available where the cargo bay is totally integrated into the frame construction.

The Bullitt is a quick, maneuverable two wheeled machine that eschews the rule of thumb, that cargo bikes are slow, cumbersome and ungainly. It is reliable, churning its way through Scandinavian winters steadfastly delivering children, picking up heavy goods and keeping bicycle messengers on those icy, mean streets. In the summer, the Bullitt’s vibrant colourways provide a backdrop for family trips to the beach, whilst further afield, meandering, wildflower lined roads through the countryside can be explored with ease. It is a bike with as many uses as the rider can envisage.


Photo credit: Larry vs Harry

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Member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark since 2015.