logo - InovenitINOVENIT is a build system created for light shelter, foreclosure, storage and stay in open places and city spaces.

The build system is primarily produced in steel, and is developed with special focus on flexibility, architectural variation and simplicity, which means that the product can be put together and established in an uncomplicated way using modules, only with the help of ordinary hand tools.

In addition, it is possible to replace and rebuild the parts if new needs arise.

The core values at INOVENIT and its subcontractors is to deliver quality on time and to the agreed upon price. Al processing and production, except for the manufacturing of commodities such as steel, wood from overseas etc., is taking place in Denmark and in terms of sustainability.

INOVENIT is a 100 % produced in Denmark.

For further information visit: http://inovenit.dk/


Contact information:


Værkstedsvej 17, 1. th.

4600 Køge


Phone: +45 5556 5857

Mail: ino@inovenit.dk


Member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark since 2016.