CED Member: HOE360 Consulting

HOE360 Consulting specialises in providing useful and value-added advice for Cycling and Green Mobility projects – be it the street corner that needs an upgrade or strategies to get more people biking.

We strongly focus on lifting projects from their first idea to the development of solutions and finally implementing them on the streets, thus benefiting the people who live in and use cities.

HOE360 Consulting deliver innovative project solutions. Always thinking ahead and continuous trying never to do what was done yesterday.

We work from the standpoint that a good city is a city that provides for its citizens by making it a liveable and joyful place. Successful bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure plays a significant role in obtaining just that.

Our list of innovative developments includes:

  • The world’s first Cargo bike parking: A parking unit specially designed to accommodate cargo bikes.
  • Flex-parking – Bicycles and cars parked in the same area: Allows cars and bicycles to use the same parking space.
  • Visual communication: New ways of guiding and providing way-finding for the Cycle Superhighways network and in conjunction with roadwork’s.
  • Bicycle parking without bicycle racks (fixture-free): Bicycle parking without traditional physical bicycle racks. One of the solutions is multifunctional, serving as bicycle parking and a bench at the same time.

We also conduct workshops and regularly give lectures around the world.

The backbone of the company is extensive experience and knowledge of cycling, mobility and public transport in Copenhagen and Denmark, coupled with a strong understanding of cycling and pedestrian culture, urban life, design and the behaviour patterns of bicycle users.

Key words are:

Green Mobility
Product development
Concept development
Campaigning and Promotion of cycling
Urban and traffic planning
Strategic planning

For more information contact:

HOE360 Consulting

Phone: +45 5380 2922
E-mail: niels@hoe360consulting.dk
Web: hoe360consulting.com
LinkedIn: http://dk.linkedin.com/pub/niels-hoe/3/438/426
Twitter: Nielshoe

Member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark since 2012.