CED Member: DSB

DSBDSB is the main train operator in Denmark with an objective to operate environmentally-friendly passenger transport services. DSB operates on a commercial basis and carries more than 195 million passengers every year. DSB is an Independent Public Company owned by the Danish Ministry of Transport, and employs a staff of approximately 9,300.

DSB aims to make the combination of cycling and train attractive and easy accessible. In the Copenhagen suburban area, it is free to bring your bike on the train – S-tog – and for other train services we offer a limited capacity for bikes. At all of our stations we offer parking facilities, and in the next 5-10 years we plan to offer a higher parking capacity as well as an improved quality of parking. At the central station in Copenhagen, you have the possibility to rent a bike, and in the coming years this will also apply to other bigger stations.

For further information visit: www.dsb.dk


Lars Kaspersen

E-mail: lkas@dsb.dk

Member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark since 2010.