CED Member: Dansk Industri Transport (Danish Transport Federation)


The Danish Transport Federation is an independent business organisation within the Confederation of Danish Industries. The Confederation of Danish Industries has 10.000 members, of which more than 3.000 are members of the Danish Transport Federation.

The members represent a wide range of activities within transportation; 1) logistics, distribution and all kinds of freight transport on road, rail and in the air 2) public transport by bus, coach and rail 3) ports and port operators 4) service providers and consultants linked to transportation and infrastructure and 5) aviation.

While the main focus of the Danish Transport Federation is to improve the overall efficiency of the entire transport value chain, the Danish Transport Federation also represents the political interests of individual transport modes on the national as well as international level. The objectives of our work is to improve mobility, enhance accessibility and to strengthen connectivity. Objectives and ambitions that consequently involve promoting initiatives such as smart cities, cycling, and urban transportation.

The Danish Transport Federation’s mission is to ensure a competitive Danish transport industry on a national as well as international basis. The Danish Transport Federation holds the vision that Denmark should be a leading nation in transport and logistics in Europe.

The objective of the Danish Transport Federation is to safeguard the best possible political and economic framework for transportation of persons and goods, effective intermodality between transport modes, efficient airports, ports and terminals as well as a modern, reliable and coherent infrastructure.

Focusing on the total transport value chain, the Danish Transport Federation offers proactive safeguarding of the needs and interests of the transport industry.


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Member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark since 2016.