CED Member: Volvo


Volvo Trucks is a part of Volvo Group and is responsible for sale and service of Volvo Trucks in Denmark.

Safety is a core value for Volvo and Volvo Trucks’ vision for the future is ZERO ACCIDENTS involving a Volvo Truck.

In 1959 Volvo invented the three point safety belt and proceeded to immediately release the patent, so that this is important invention could be used by all competitors for the safety of the driver and passengers. In 1969 Volvo founded the Accident Research Team, which goes to all serious accident sites involving a Volvo Trucks and gathers information about it with the intent of preventing future accidents.

In 2002 Volvo Trucks Denmark initiated the project Trafiksikkerhed i Øjenhøjde along with a number of partners. It is aimed at teaching children from 3rd to the 5th grade how to interact with trucks in traffic. Since then more than 100,000 children have completed the training.

Member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark since 2017.