The Bikeable City Masterclass

Photo: City of Copenhagen/Troels Heien

Upcomming Masterclasses

New Bikeable City Masterclass in Copenhagen scheduled for September 17-11, 2020. Read more and register here.

The Bikeable City Masterclass targets professional planners in public administrations and private companies, local and national policy makers, academics and researchers, traffic police as well as active members of cycle organisations.

Danish cities, and Copenhagen in particular, are famous for their bicycle culture. At the Bikeable City Masterclass, leading  Danish cycle experts from academics, consultancies, and city administration will teach participants how they approach cycling in relation to sustainable mobility and climate goals, cycle infrastructure design, road safety, multi-modal transport, and city logistics as well as cycle education and promotion. Participants will get first-hand experience with Danish cycle solutions in two of the major cycle cities, Copenhagen and Odense. At the end of a course, participants will have gained knowledge on how they can transfer Danish solutions to their own cities.

The duration and the program of a masterclass will be tailor-made to each masterclass depending on the interests of a group or individuals.

The program usually includes topics such as:

-Introduction to city development and cycling planning in Danish cities
-Advocacy and the political process
-Working with bicycle strategies anf accounts as tools for cycle promotion
-Cycle infrastructure design
-Traffic safety for cyclists, accidents and systematic accident reduction
-People First Design – The Liveable City
-Cycling and ITS
-Campaigns and education – Start with the children
-And more…

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General information
The cost of the masterclass  can vary but usually amounts to approx. EUR 1,800 per participant.