The Bikeable City Masterclass


Photo: Ursula Bach, City of Copenhagen

Since 2014, the Cycling Embassy of Denmark has offered a masterclass in cycle planning in Copenhagen.

The aim of the Bikeable City Masterclass is to contribute to the development of liveable and bikeable cities throughout the world by inspiring and preparing professionals to develop or strengthen the cycle culture in their own cities.

With its aim to become carbon neutral by 2015, Copenhagen is not only a world leader in delivering bikeable infrastructure. It was also declared European Green Capital 2014. Copenhagen is showing the way towards more sustainable cities, and this will be the focus of the masterclass.

The Bikeable City Masterclass is aimed towards professional planners in public administrations and private companies, local and national policy makers, academics and researchers, traffic police as well as active members of cycle organisations.

The masterclass incorporates the participants’ knowledge and experience through presentations, hands-on workshops and site visits.
embarq masterclass
The duration and the program of the masterclass will be tailor-made to each masterclass depending on the interests of the group.

Here you can see a sample program.

The program is also available in Spanish.

Cost and registration
The cost of the masterclass is between USD 2,000-2,500 depending on the duration and the number of participants.

We accept registration from groups of up to 20-25 participants. Dates for the masterclass are not fixed, but will be agreed with interested groups.

If you have any questions, please contact the secretariat at

Further information
Read the evaluation and appendix from the first masterclass in English.

The evaluation is also available in Spanish.

Video from the first Bikeable City Masterclass for the organisation EMBARQ.

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