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The Cycling Embassy of Denmark was founded in 2009 to make it easy for poli­ticians, planners, engineers, architects, journalists, NGO etc. all over the world to access our know-how and help cities around the globe make cycling an important part of their urban transporta­tion. Over the years, we have met with hundreds of politicians, bicycle advocates and professionals from all over the World. We look forward to working with you too.

The members of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark represent the latest knowledge of all areas related to cy­cling. Our competencies include planning bicy­cle and people-friendly cities, creating synergy between cycling and public transport, building safe infrastructure for cyclists like cycle tracks and bicycle bridges, developing successful cam­paigns and municipal policies that motivate people of all age groups to cycle, designing urban furniture like bicycle pumps, bike counters, and bicycle parking facilities, and much more.

Our services target professional planners in public administrations and private companies, local and national policy makers, students, researchers, and civil society organisations.You can tap into our know-how from your desk, visit us in Denmark, or have us come visit you in your own city. Depending on your needs, we can help you put cycling on the political agenda, create cycle-friendly cities and get people cycling.  In short: Let us help you make cycling part of everyday life in your city.

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The price for a standard lecture starts at DKK 3.000
Standard guided bike tour starts at DKK 4.000
Prices are ex VAT and bike rental

Please contact the secretariat for prices and inquiries.

We are available for our services throughout the year. In Denmark we bike, come rain or shine.