CED member: STRØM Bikes




STRØM Bikes is an innovative eBike company based in Copenhagen on a mission to make urban commuting more sustainable and convenient. We believe the eBike is an essential part of the transition to sustainable urban transportation systems. 

Our concept is Danish design and high quality at affordable prices. STRØM Bikes are designed to offer convenience with integrated lights & anti-theft battery that always get you safely from A to B. This combined with unique add-ons, as our 1-click removable basket with integrated lighting, to fit any need.

We design, produce and sell our own eBikes. By focusing on direct online trade, and eliminating all expensive intermediaries, we get the opportunity to provide high-quality eBikes at affordable prices. In this regard, we have launched all of our eBike models with great success through crowdfunding.


Hjalte Betak – hb@stroembikes.com

Nichlas Lloyd – nk@stroembikes.com

Website: www.stroembikes.com/about/ 

Member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark since 2020