CED member: Copenhagen Bike Show

The biggest bicycle show in Scandinavia

Copenhagen Bike Show is located in one of the world’s leading bike capitals, Copenhagen. Five years back to back the show has attracted around 15,000 visitors every year and they represent all sorts of cyclists from Denmark, in particularly Greater Copenhagen, and the southern Skåne region of Sweden.

Almost all cyclists are likely to come across products fitting their needs at the bike show as exhibitors display brands in several categories; Performance, E-Mobility, Event & Travel, Urban Living, Cycling Couture and Early Bikers.

Performance covers high-end brands of bikes and gear for triathlon, road racing and trail riding on mountain bikes or gravel bikes and furthermore, bike-fitters. The demand for e-bikes has skyrocketed during the past years. In particularly commuters and families with children living in urban areas are in the market for reliable transportation i.e. electrically power assisted cargo bikes.

The Performance segment also seeks challenges and they find them among the travel agencies and event organisers from primarily Europe who represent the Event & Travel exhibitors. The urban cyclists include a wide variety of cyclists from hipsters playing bike polo on modified retro track bikes to sensible parents who commute by bike and may need bikes for their children too – or wish to replace a small car with an electric cargo bike.

Fashion and restored vintage bikes have entered the bike market too in the Cycling Couture segment too with retro apparel in wool and restored high-end steel road racing bikes of the past. For the children, the Early Bikers, the show always offers activities and naturally children’s bikes and mostly safety gear.

Furthermore, the visitors can experience free presentations and in the past people like Fabian Cancellara, Michelle Vesterby, Maurizio Fondriest, Bjarne Riis and Charlotte Bircow have been on the programme.