CED member: NIRAS

Sustainable solutions are our foundation

In NIRAS our knowledge contributes to solving some of the great social challenges. Whether dealing with major infrastructure projects or minor urban developments, our focus is on the creation of sustainable solutions and enhancing livability. 

By designing railways, roads and ports in urban areas, we create mobility and cohesion – always with the ambition to achieve the most sustainable solution.

We consider cycling an important part of the solution of the world’s and not least the cities’ traffic and environmental challenges (urban life, congestion, noise and environmental pollution). The bicycle is the epitome of sustainability and a significant element in the efforts to create attractive, healthy and future-proof cities based on a coherent sustainable mobility.

Our skills span from the overall, strategical planning level to the specific project level, where plans are realised and operated. Below is a selection of our experience and skills:

  • Bicycle friendly and strategic urban planning
  • Bicycle policy, strategy and action plans for better cycling cities
  • Designing and prioritizing cycling infrastructure as superhighways, cycling path and cycling streets
  • Construction and maintenance
  • Services for cyclists, such as street furniture, ITS solutions, wayfinding and bicycle parking
  • Action plans for children on bikes
  • Bicycle tourism
  • Mobility Hubs (Multimodality)
  • Promotion of cycling, information and campaigns
  • Cost-benefit analysis of cycling infrastructure
  • Reviews and surveys
  • Funding cycling projects

Contact Information:

Brian Høj




Sortemosevej 19

DK-3450 Allerød


Phone: +45 48104200

Member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark since 2019.