CED member: Jens Falk Trafikrådgivning

Jens Falk Trafikrådgivning (traffic-advice) is a proprietorship with a strong network, e.g. WSP in Orbicon.  

The firm highlights bicycling as the most important mode of transportation in a future climate perspective. The firm focuses on integrating bicycling in all levels of planning and to combine bicycling with other kinds of sustainable transportation, especially trains and buses. 

The firm offers strategic advice and hands-on skills, for instance:

  • Strategic and action plans for green mobility and bicycling
  • Prioritization of cycle infrastructure through objective calculation
  • Planning and scaling of cycle-parking
  • Creating safe and innovative conceptual designs for new bicycle construction projects  
  • Planning and signing of touristic cycle-routes
  • Reviews of bicycle projekts.

Read more at www.jensfalktrafik.dk 


Jens Falk Jensen 


Member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark since 2020