Executive Committee

CED bestyrelsen 2015_rettet

From left: Marianne Weinreich, Brian Hansen, Sten Sødring, Charlotte Kjær Petersen, and Lone Andersen

The members of the Executive Committee are elected at the annual general meeting. In addition to the chairman and the vice chairman, 1-3 members of the Executive Committee are elected amongst the members of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark. The Executive Committee meets at least 3 times a year.

Currently, the Executive Committee consists of:

Chairman Marianne Weinreich – Weinreich Mobility
E-mail: maw@weinreichmobility.dk

Vice Chairman Charlotte Kjær – Municipality of Aarhus
E-mail: chakp@aarhus.dk

Brian Hansen – Municipality of Copenhagen
E-mail: brihan@tmf.kk.dk

Sten Sødring – Gottlieb Paludan Architects
E-mail: ssj@gottliebpaludan.com

Lone Andersen – Municipality of Frederiksberg
E-mail: loan04@frederiksberg.dk

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