About the Cycling Embassy

For more than a century Denmark has been a country of cyclists. Denmark is still a laboratory where new trends and ideas combine knowledge gained through years of experience.

The Cycling Embassy of Denmark is a comprehensive network of private companies, local authorities and non-government organizations working together to promote cycling and communicate cycling solutions and know-how.

The Cycling Embassy of Denmark unites knowledge of cycling from the private, public and voluntary sectors in an effort become a primary source of cycling knowledge. Thus, the Cycling Embassy of Denmark holds the best knowledge of all areas related to bicycling ranging from bicycles and bicycle equipment to bicycle tourism, parking facilities, bicycle infrastructure, city planning and much more.

>The Cycling Embassy of Denmark was established in January 2009. The members meet on a regular basis to discus and coordinate activities and to share new ideas. Besides of providing knowledge to anyone interested, the Embassy also corporate with the Danish Foreign Ministry in promoting Denmark and cycling abroad.

The secretariat for The Cycling Embassy of Denmark is placed in the office at the Danish Cycling Federation located in Copenhagen.