Danish Cycling Games – A Seed in the Mobility of the City of Quito

| July 3, 2020

Cities across the globe are looking for ways to promote cycling right now.  One way is through cycle training and the Danish concept Cycling Games. Lotte Bech, from the Danish consultancy Urban Cycle Planning, member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark, promotes the activity in various cities around the world .

In 2019, she supported  an event under World Bike Forum in Quito with the methodology, coordination of the program, and the financial support thanks to a donation of 25 balance bicycles and vests from the Danish company ITS Teknik. The aim of the project was to encourage the teaching of bike culture in youth via the Cycling Games concept which is developed by the Danish Cyclists’ Federation in collaboration with the Kindergarten Hylet and promoted to Danish kindergartens and schools.  


Urban planning with children  

Since the project, Ecuador has experienced a lockdown that has lasted more than two months, and mobility has to change to avoid contagion. At the moment, using bicycles and improving its network is a new goal that the municipality of Quito is trying to achieve based on surveys and planning. At the same time, the use of bikes is increasing organically. Residents are raising their awareness of the potential for bicycles in a health emergency. Small seeds like the Cycling Games project within the educational system in the city, promotes a sustainable future, but also a new way of living that present and future generations will come to terms with soon. This study shows the insight that it’s possible for the Cycling Games project to have a potential impact on a small scale and could grow to an even greater one.  The potential is one where Quito improves its mobility infrastructure to cope with the public health crisis and it includes all sectors, like children, thinking of them not only in the future, but as part of the solution in the present. 

Read more about the project and it’s effect in the full article courtesy of  Amanda Padilla, MSc in Architecture. 


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