Planning and Promotion of Cycling in Denmark – Study Trip September 21-23, 2020

| December 19, 2019

Denmark and especially Copenhagen is known for its many cyclists and iconic infrastructure for cyclists. Go visit Copenhagen and take part in a high quality two-day programme which will teach you a lot about planning and promotion of cycling in Denmark. Not only will you hear several interesting and inspiring lectures, you will also experience cycling yourself in Copenhagen and surroundings, including trips on bicycle super highways (supercykelstier) and trips where cycling is combined with public transport.

The study trip will include lectures about Copenhagen, Odense and Gladsaxe (a Copenhagen suburb). Planning issues as well as the role of politicians and NGO’s will also be covered. There will be plenty of opportunities for informal discussions.

Among the speakers are Marie Kåstrup, head of Bicycle Program at the City of Copenhagen, Sidsel Birk Hjuler, manager of projekt Supercykelstier (Cycle Superhighways), Troels Andersen, senior planner at the City of Odense and Morten Kabell, former Mayor for Technical and Environmental Affairs in Copenhagen, present CEO of Copenhagenize Design Co.

The target group of the study trip is planners, policy makers, politicians and NGO representatives. The only requirements for participation is an interest in the issue and the ability to cycle.

The study trip starts with a get-together Monday September 21 in the evening followed by two full days ending at Wednesday the September 23 at 5 pm. See the full program here.

The study trip is organized by M.Sc. Jens Erik Larsen from Foreningen Frie Fugle and M.Sc. Thomas Krag from Thomas Krag Mobility Advice, member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark. 

Practical Info

Participation cost is 569 € with an early-bird price of 465 € 1). You can obtain the early-bird price if you sign up August 25, 2020 at the latest or enroll at least two participants at the same time.

The price includes all meals, bicycle rental and public transport during the study trip, but not accommodation (hotel and breakfast).

Cancellation fee is 20% until September 1. After this date cancellation is not possible.

Mail or for info, or call Jens Erik Larsen at +45 21 25 39 85 or Thomas Krag at +45 27 11 86 24.

Accommodation Hints

Some fair priced, central options are Ibsens HotelHotel JørgensenHotel Windsor and Generator Hostel København. You can also check out current offers at


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