It pays off to invest in cycle superhighways

| September 28, 2018

Photo: Cycle superhighways

A new socio-economic analysis of the cycle superhighways in the Capital Region of Denmark shows that the investment in cycle infrastructure and cycle superhighways has many economic benefits. By investing in the total network of 45 routes, the cycle superhighways are estimated to give a socio-economic surplus of 765 million euro. 

A complete network of cycle superhighways will decrease congestion, lower healthcare expenses and contribute to cleaner air and a better environment in the cities and municipalities of the Capital Region of Denmark.  The new analysis also shows that there would be 30 % more car commuters in the Capital Region if there were no bike commuters. Thus, investing in Cycle superhighways is key . Plus, while the cost of cycling infrastructure is often much lower than that of other modes of transportation, the benefits of cycling are substantial for both the individual and society as a whole.  


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