Students help municipality reach its goal for number of people cycling

| December 6, 2017

By Gorm Baagøe Andersen, Kolding Municipality and Birger Villadsen, COWI

This autumn, more than 200 students from four gymnasiums in Kolding have worked with cycling in a project run by Kolding Municipality and the consultancy firms Welearn and COWI.

Students showing their solution at the Idea Festival.

The goal of the project is that the students’ ideas contribute to get more people cycling.Kolding Municipality works with cycling on a broad scale and is looking for new cooperation projects and processes in order to be amongst the frontrunners amongst municipalities with a strong cycling profile. This is the background for the project with the four gymnasiums being established in the spring of 2017. At the same time, the project is part of a Cycle Superhighway project between the two towns of Kolding and Christiansfeld.

Students take on everyday cycling

Contact to the gymnasiums went through the school management via the teachers to the students. The teachers are an important cooperation partner and the key to carrying out the project, since the project has been fitted in to different subject paths with the same overall frame that the teachers have agreed to follow. The students participated in large collective events to mark the beginning and end of the project. First, a so-called Kick-off, where the project was introduced, and it was finished off with a large Idea Festival, where all 57 projects were shown and evaluated by a panel with external judges.

Some groups have submitted ideas for how cycling can be made into a social activity so that cycling is used to further social relations. Other groups have presented solutions for daily transport to and from school and have had a target group of people who have a need for transport in the town itself. Finally, some groups concentrated their creative solutions on finding out what is needed in the urban space and what it takes to further cycling and get more people cycling.

 The future of the many ideas

Klaus Bondam, CEO of Danish Cyclists’ Federation and Dennis Ritter, Sportsjournalist, at the Kick-off event

”The success criteria for me in this project is to get one or more of the students’ projects realised and to hopefully get more cyclists in Kolding. The vision for Kolding as a bicycle city is to get as many people as possible cycling. This has a very large impact on our everyday lives and it gives a feeling of freedom that you can decide yourself how to get around in traffic. At the same time, the students represent one of the largest target groups we have when it comes to getting more cyclists in Kolding in the future. Therefore it is also really interesting to see what can be created in an educational environment at gymnasium level.”
Gorm Baagøe Andersen, traffic planner, Kolding Municipality.

All the ideas have now been gathered in a large idea catalogue. It has been structured in a way that enhances the potential of every single project, as well as evaluates whether it can be carried out in Kolding Municipality specifically.

As soon as possible the municipality will tell the participating gymnasiums what will happen to the ideas that have been developed. In the new year the political representatives in the municipality will be presented with the project and the ideas. There are plans to repeat the project and develop it in a shorter, compact version.

A video documenting the project will also be produced. It will be accessible on YouTube and “Kolding Cykler” Facebook page.

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