You Bike Copenhagen with Cycling Embassy of Denmark

| June 16, 2017

Randy Neufeld, Director of SRAM and Chairman of CED Marianne Weinreich

Copenhagen is world famous for its cycling culture, and now you get the chance to experience it from home. Jump on your virtual bicycle and join Cycling Embassy of Denmark on a virtual reality experience through Copenhagen.

Imagine cycling through Copenhagen, one of the world’s best cycling cities. Our tour takes you through some of Copenhagen’s 390 kilometers of designated bicycle lanes and most famous bicycle streets. If ever a city was made to be enjoyed on a bicycle, then this is it. This is your chance to experience Copenhagen through the eyes of a cyclist.


 How to

  • To get the full experience, you need a smartphone and a pair of Virtual Reality glasses.
  • Follow this link to the video on YouTube or watch the video below.
  • Press on the glasses in the bottom right corner to start the tour. If you aren’t able to start the tour, please update your YouTube app.
  • Start the Virtual Reality movie and enjoy a bicycle ride through Copenhagen.

Even if you don’t have Virtual Reality glasses, you can still watch the film and get a sense of the 360 degree experience by moving you phone around.


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