Take a virtual bike ride around Copenhagen with Cycling Embassy of Denmark

| June 16, 2017

The VR set-up was a great succes at CIVITAS Forum 2017, where the participants had the possibility of cycling around the streets of Copenhagen.

Do you want to promote the Danish bicycle culture or put cycling on the agenda? Try the Cycling Embassy of Denmark’s virtual reality film.

Let decision makers, urban planners and citizens in your country or city experience the Danish bicycle culture firsthand on a virtual bike ride around Copenhagen. Our VR-film takes you around the city, showing examples of the worlds’ best bicycle infrastructure and giving you a sense of what it is like to live in a livable city.

Put cycling on the agenda with our VR-film

The VR-film will be a great activity for car-free days, European Mobility Week, conferences and other events that focus on sustainable urban development where it can motivate decision makers to put cycling on the political agenda and citizens to cycle more.
The Cycling Embassy of Denmark works to promote Danish bicycle knowhow and contribute to the development of cycle cultures around the world. Denmark is a bicycle nation, and especially Copenhagen where 62% of the inhabitants bike to work or study is world-famous for its cycling culture and infrastructure.

Investing in bicycle infrastructure pays off

Making space for cyclists is not only beneficial for the mobility in cities; it will also reduce air pollution and result in fewer sick days. People in the Capital Region of Denmark as a whole cycle 1.4 million km on an average weekday. This results in annual savings of approximately € 215 million.
With our VR-film, we want to give people the experience of cycling in one of the best and safest bicycle cities in the world. We hope to inspire decision makers, urban planners and others to start improving conditions for cyclists in their home cities.

Even if you don’t have Virtual Reality glasses, you can still watch the film and get a sense of the 360 degree experience by moving you phone around.


Read the full VR-guide (PDF)
The set-up consists of:

Contact the secretariat of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark to receive the VR-film via e-mail. Download the film directly on the phone or transfer it to the phone.


To shw the film, you will need:

  • A pair of VR-goggles
  • A compatible smartphone,
  • VR-app.

We recommend an iPhone 6 (or newer) with compatible VR-goggles. You can also use a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Samsung’s GEAR-VR. However, the resolution will make the film a bit more unclear with this solution.

You will need an app to show the film. It might be pre-installed in the VR-goggles, otherwise find one in App-store or Google Play.
OBS.We do not recommend the free apps since it can interrupt the film with advertisements.


We recommend you include a bicycle in a home trainer at the stand for people to bike on.

Bicycle Home Trainer/Roll

You will need a home trainer to hold the bicycle and enable people to bike on the spot. A simple home trainer without resistance or expensive equipment will do for this set-up.


Please request our roll-up design to promote the film and have it printed locally.

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