City of Oslo wins Leadership Award for Cycling Promotion 2017

| June 13, 2017

Chairman of the CED, Marianne Weinreich, presenting the award to May Andrine Gran who received the award on behalf of the City of Oslo.

The City of Oslo received the Cycling Embassy of Denmark’s award at a special Danish session at the Velo-city 2017 conference in Arnhem and Nijmegen, Netherlands, today.

First municipality to win

Each year, the Cycling Embassy of Denmark awards an organization or individual with their Leadership Award for Cycling Promotion. In previous years, the award has been given to an individual. This year however, the Cycling Embassy of Denmark has chosen to honor a municipality for their outstanding efforts in pushing the cycling agenda.

As Marianne Weinreich, Chairman of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark, said just before revealing the winner: “their ambitious goals, plans for a car-free city center and significant investments in cycling infrastructure in the coming years shows that this city is serious about cycling.”

Strong Leadership

In order to win the Cycling Embassy of Denmark’s award, you must have done something extraordinary to push the cycle agenda in your city, country, or region. You must have shown vision, political courage, innovative ideas, and an ability to get things moving and people cycling. And Oslo truly has done so, said Marianne Weinreich stating the official reason for Oslo winning:

“The City of Oslo is showing strong leadership these years. Innovative projects such as the electric cargo bike grants paying for up to 25% of the cost per bike has taken cycling promotion to a new level. Furthermore, the City of Oslo has prioritized significant investments in cycling infrastructure in the coming years. Car usage will be restricted by removing parking spaces to make space for new cycle tracks and banning private cars from the city center.”

The City of Oslo was proud. Lan Marie Nguyen Berg Vice Mayor for Environment and Transport in Oslo says:

“As Norway’s capital and largest city it is important to be in front with the solutions of the future. We are already among the best in the world when it comes to public transport and facilitation of electric cars. This award shows that we are also in the process of taking a leading role in the field of cycling.”

 Previous award winners

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