Dutch/Danish workshop on the challenges of autonomous cars

| May 4, 2017

On June 12, the Cycling Embassy of Denmark will be co-hosting a workshop for Dutch and Danish decision makers and experts as a prelude to the Velo-city 2017 conference in Arnhem-Nijmegen.

Photo: Troels Heien

Photo: Troels Heien

The workshop is a joint event organised by the CED, the Danish Embassy in the Netherlands, the Dutch Embassy in Denmark, and the Dutch Cycling Embassy. The purpose is to share knowledge and initiate closer collaorations between the world’s two leading cycle nations.

The emergence of the autonomous car has the potential to further enhance our mobility systems. But it also poses a number of challenge to our bicycle culture both in terms of safety, public health and livability in our cities. How can we best integrate the autonomous car to maximize its benefits, while reducing its consequences? How do we maintain and strengthen our bicycle cultures and harvest all the positive effects of cycling alongside this new form of mobility? These are some of the questions that Dutch and Danish decision makers and experts will discuss.

”I very much look forward to meeting Danish experts and decision makers at this joint workshop, share knowledge, and discuss how both the Netherlands and Denmark can become even better cycling countries. It is my hope that we can use this occasion to start working closer together in our efforts to promote cycling.” – Henk Swarttouw, Netherlands’ Ambassador to Denmark

The results of the workshop will be presented during a special session during the Velo-city conference on Tuesday June 13.

The workshop will take place on June 12 at 1-5 PM at Rozet, Kortestraat 16 i Arnhem.


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