Slippery bike paths keep cyclists from cycling in winter

| February 21, 2017

Most cyclists do it all year around – also in winter. A new study, conducted by the project Go Cycling Denmark, shows that even more cyclists would do it in winter if bike paths were salted, cleared from snow and the lightning were better.

Foto: Mikkel Østergaard

Photo: Mikkel Østergaard

The study was conducted among 1001 respondents in the age of 30- 59 whom bike at least three times a week in summertime.

It is no surprise that 30 % leave their bicycle at home in winter. The reason why is, however. Cyclists who bike more than three times a week in summer are more likely to do it all year around: Only 10 % stop riding their bicycle in winter.

Cyclists leave their bicycles at home because of unsafe bike paths

The weather and conditions of the bike paths have a great impact on cyclists in winter. 67% leave their bicycle at home because of slippery bicycle paths. 44% leave their bicycle at home because it is too cold. 37% mention rain as the reason to stop cycling in winter. 29% of the respondents (mostly women) indicate darkness as a reason to leave the bicycle at home. The respondents were asked what could get them back on their bike in winter: “Better bike paths which are always clear from snow”, “lightning on the bike paths”, and “separation between cars and bicycles on the roads.”

”The report speaks for itself. Better clearing of bike paths play an essential role on the number of cyclists in winter. Improved safety such as better lightning on bike paths and separation of cars and cyclists also play a large role because road safety means a lot to the cyclists,” says CEO of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation, Klaus Bondam.

November the most dangerous month for cyclists

Most accidents on bicycles happen in November and December due to lack of cleared bike paths, cars speeding, and low sun in spring and autumn, which interferes with drivers vision.

“A consequence of bike paths not being secure enough is that many choose to drive a car instead of riding a bicycle. By making bike paths more secure by clearing bike paths from snow for instance, municipalities would be able to decrease car traffic on the roads in winter,” says Klaus Bondam.

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