New Danish national cycling fund in place

| February 14, 2017

A majority around the Danish government has allocated 100 million DKK for promoting cycling in municipalities over a period of two years. The new Cycle Fund is part of an agreement that allocates 762 million DKK for public transport and cycling.


The growing challenges in terms of public health, climate, and congestion increase the need for the populations’ active mobility. It is important that municipalities get economic assistance to develop better conditions across municipalities and connect the cities and the countryside better. The challenges remain numerous throughout Denmark when it comes to bicycle parking and secure routes to school for children.The Danish Cyclists’ Federation hopes that the new Cycle Fund will influence  investments in cyclist infrastructure in the future,“ says CEO of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation, Klaus Bondam.

The first national Cycle Fund from 2009-2014, known as the bicycle billion, was a breakthrough for cycling in Denmark. At the time, it was not customary for the state to support cycling projects in the municipalities.

The subsidies from the former Cycling Fund have resulted in ventures that have helped in different ways to improve conditions for cyclists and raise awareness of cycling thereby making the bicycle a more attractive choice as a mode of transport for both work and leisure. This is the overall conclusion of the evaluations of the com¬pleted Cycling Fund projects.

Read more in The Cycling Fund 2009-2014 – prelimenary evaluation.

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