The Polis Conference: Call for greener transport

| December 1, 2016

“My city … Your city … Our cities together. Cities are playing an increasingly pivotal role in Europe. In particular, cities which dare to invest in an integrated approach to mobility, air quality, economic development and health are vital,” says Per Langenberg, Polis President 2016 and vice mayor for mobility, sustainability and culture of Rotterdam. Hereby the scene is set for the Annual Polis Conference in Rotterdam where The Cycling Embassy of Denmark will be participating. 


December 1st and 2nd, local and regional politicians, organizations, industries and other stakeholders with an interest in sustainable transport are gathering in Rotterdam at the Polis Conference.

Since 1989, European local and regional authorities have been collaborating within Polis to promote sustainable mobility through the deployment of innovative transport solutions. The aim is to improve local transport through integrated strategies that address economic, social, and environmental dimensions of transport. The activities of Polis are based on four thematic pillars: Environment and health in transport; Mobility and traffic efficiency; Transport Safety and Security; and Social and Economic Aspects of Transport. To this end, Polis supports the exchange of experiences and the transfer of knowledge between European local and regional authorities. It also facilitates the dialogue between local and regional authorities and other actors of the sector such as industry, research centers, universities and NGOs.

Networking for sustainable transport
The network and its secretariat actively support the participation of Polis members in European projects. Polis participation in European projects allows us to create a framework, which facilitates dialogue and exchange between local authorities and the transport research community. At the conference, decision makers are provided with the necessary information and tools for making sustainable mobility a reality.

The conference in Rotterdam has three focal areas; active investment in clean vehicles, optimized urban logistics, and the use of Intelligent Transport Systems.

CED as a catalyst for more cycling
The Polis Conference is an opportunity for city officials to discuss the green, healthy, and clean benefits of cycling. It is also a chance to further gather and increase the demand for best practices from the stakeholders with the most valuable solutions. The Cycling Embassy of Denmark, being a network of cycling professionals, can play a key role in furthering European cycling with Danish examples through the members of the CED. The CED is therefore welcoming these knowledge gathering and solution seeking European hubs, of which the Polis Conference is one.

Learn more about the Polis Conference 2016 here.

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