Can cycling prevent cancer?

| November 30, 2016

At the World Cancer Congress in Paris, the Danish Cancer Society was invited to present a new project. The project presented is a Danish initiative called ´Go cycling Denmark´ (Ta’ cyklen Danmark), which highlights the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in countering illnesses such as cancer.


The award winning conference is one of the leading international events for cancer implementation science. The conference is an opportunity for the global cancer and wider health community to get acquainted with new knowledge, to develop collaborations across organizations, and to seek inspiration on how to communicate and implement cancer treatment in a more tangible manner. The World Cancer Congress takes place every two years and is arranged by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC).

The theme of World Cancer Congress 2016 was Mobilizing action – Inspiring change and the conference is visited by more than 3.200 representatives from roughly 140 different cancer societies from across the world. The symposiums´ overall focus was to raise awareness and change behavior to promote healthy lifestyles, lowering the risk of developing cancer. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle was also central for the presentation by project manager Hanne Scheller from the Danish Cancer Society. Hanne was invited to present the initiative and to give a talk on how they are getting more Danes to bicycle and raising awareness on the risks of life style related illnesses.

Go cycling, World
The Danish bicycle campaign Go cycling Denmark is a unique collaboration across sectors. Health organizations and other key partners are collaborating on encouraging Danes to develop and sustain healthy everyday habits in terms of exercise and diet.

The Danish Cancer Society has experience in promoting life style changes. On a previous campaign the Danish Cancer Society developed an app to aid people in quitting cigarettes. The anti-smoking app proved effective and as a result, a new app was introduced for the Danish bicycle campaign.

Cycling: the new black in the fight against cancer?
Research show that leisure-time physical activity is associated with lower risks of many cancer types, evident regardless of body size or smoking history. In Denmark cycling accounts for a substantial part of the everyday physical activity for many Danes, which indicates that cycling can be a usable tool in cancer prevention.

The app shows participants progress in their everyday habits, and shows them whether or not they get their daily dose of exercise. Furthermore, the Go cycling-app helps user share their development and set goals, as well as sending motivating articles, messages, and useful tips.

The presentation by the Danish Cancer Society was well received at the conference, and hopefully the project can inspire organizations to form cross-sector partnerships to address the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

If you wish to read more about the Go Cycling-app, read our previously published article about the app here.

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