Collaboration for creating a better city

| November 29, 2016

In Denmark it´s unthinkable to redesign a city or neighborhood without including bike facilities and infrastructure. But cycling knowledge won’t make a city on its own, therefore HOE306 Consulting collaborate, with other professional competencies in order to make great space to live and interact.


A digital sketch of the development plan of the town center of Måløv. Credit: HOE306 Consulting

Part of the winning team
HOE360 Consulting had the great pleasure of being part of the winning team lead by the Architect firms Tredje Natur and Ja Ja at the project competition for a strategic development plan for the city of Måløv. The process were different from a usual competition, and quite innovative in its approach, as the competing teams all participated at 3 workshops alongside citizens and other stakeholders prior to the development of the actual competition program and subsequently the preparation of the winning proposal. As Mayor Jesper Würtzen said:

“It was important for us that the winning project was realistic and achievable. Kulturtorvet is a good example of where we should start. Subsequently, the ring may develop further”.

Obviously HOE360 Consulting contributed with integrating cycling to the plan, making sure cycling would play a great part in tying together a fragmented city where a major road and rail tracks cuts the city in two. And just that – bringing the city together and strengthening the urban community, while keeping Måløv´s authenticity – was what we did.

Making Måløv smaller
Is not what we will do, but make it more compact. By connecting the dots, moving around on foot or by bike will be the more obvious choice in the future.

A bridge for horses
Denmark is renowned for their bridges and especially bike and pedestrian bridges. And the jury underlined, amongst other things, in their reasoning for first prize, the creation of new connections for walking and biking, but the suggestion took it a step further, so now the city of Måløv may even get a bridge for horses. That of course also will serve pedestrians and cyclists.


A digital sketch of the Hindsgaul Bridge or the brigde for horses. Credit: HOE306 Consulting

Cycling facilities
Besides the bridge, the plan also works with improving bicycle parking, strengthening cycling possibilities along the city stream, to make Måløvs surroundings more accessible and attractive. And naturally integrate the coming supercyclehighway leading to Copenhagen, which is planned to open by the end of 2017.

According to the Mayor Jesper Würtzen the project competition had been a very fine process, and it was a unanimous judge committee that selected the Måløv ring.

“The proposal maintains the qualities of Måløv center, but it also expands the range and create consistency between the different areas of Måløv, so there is a good framework for the development of urban life”.

Facts about the city of Måløv
City: Måløv
Where: 20 kilometers northwest of Copenhagen
Population: 8.681
Project area: 62.2 hectares

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