CED Chairman at the VeloCittá Conference 2016

| November 25, 2016

On November 30, 2016, CED Chairman, Marianne Weinreich was at the VeloCittá Conference in Rotterdam in The Netherlands, where she participated as the moderator of the event.


Marianne Weinreich, chairman of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark and founder of Weinreich Mobility. Credit: The Cycling Embassy of Denmark

The VeloCittá Conference was the first of its kind, as a bike-sharing conference, and the overall headline was “Bike-sharing: Recipies for Success.”

The aim of the conference was to provide inspiration and build capacity in local authorities and bicycle share system stakeholders. The VeloCittá was set to engage stakeholders occupied with the design and implementation of effective and resource-efficient solutions. The hope was that the conference would boost the uptake of bike-share systems, inspire city representatives as well as cycling experts in integrating and developing bike-share systems and setting in motion a beneficial snowball effect on urban cycling as a whole.

The focal point of the conference was how we can make better use of bike-share systems around Europe. With nearly a thousand cities in over fifty countries worldwide having a bike sharing system in place, travelling on shared bikes has experienced tremendous growth. Bike sharing has also proven to be a catalyst for creating energy efficient means of transport, especially in urban areas.

The conference created a platform from which non-European stakeholders could learn from European bike-sharing practices in terms of both financing and organizing projects. Finally, the aim was to develop a bike-sharing benchmarking tool, where case studies with detailed information on the bike-sharing systems of selected cities were included.

The CED Chairman, Marianne Weinreich functioned as the moderator for the conference. In addition to Marianne as moderator, the speakers at the conference were the Vice Mayor for Mobility for the City of Rotterdam, Pex Langenberg; Active Transportation Director of Seattle, Nicole Freedman; Researcher on bike-sharing from the University of Zurich, Alberto Castro; and Electronic Engineer from Dublin City University, Jim Moore.

The conference proved to be a very beneficial and effective platform, where non-European stakeholders learned more about bike-sharing practices and how bike-sharing practices could be organized and financed. Hopefully the conference inspires non-European stakeholders to form partnerships to address the benefits of bike-sharing and making it a recipe for success.

You can read more about the VeloCittá Conference 2016 here.

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