The Cycling Embassy of Denmark at the CIVITAS Forum 2016

| September 28, 2016

Niels Hoé at the CED stand at CIVITAS Forum 2016. Credit: Niels Hoé

At the CIVITAS Forum in Gdynia, the Cycling Embassy of Denmark (CED) is sharing and promoting Danish bicycle culture. 

The theme of this year’s Forum is ´Shaping the mobility of tomorrow’ and here the participants will discuss the development of sustainable urban mobility in the European cities.

Three members of the CED, Niels Hoé from HOE360 Consulting, Zofia Jagielska from the Danish Road Dirctorate and Marianna Weinreich from Weinreich Mobility is participating in Gdynia and promoting Danish bicycle culture and knowledge sharing on livable cities. Through a historic bicycle culture Denmark as a nation and Danish companies have developed extensive know-how on the bicycle area. The Cycling Embassy of Denmark are continuously working on sharing this knowledge with the rest of Europe in order to create healthier, safer, and broader solutions on mobility issues throughout Europe.

The purpose of the CIVITAS Forum is to provide an opportunity for knowledge-exchange between cities and vivid dialogue between European politicians and experts in the field of urban mobility. The CIVITAS initiative was launched in 2002 to redefine transport measures and policies in order to create cleaner, better transport in cities. More specifically, CIVITAS has helped introduce numerous innovations and measures that have already made transport more eco-friendly. Over the last ten years, CIVITAS has managed to test over 800 measures and urban transport solutions, supported by the intensive exchange of good practices in the field. The project empowered citizens to convince politicians on adopting these innovations, upgrading the quality and sustainability of urban transport for numerous European cities.

CED will be present at CIVITAS Forum from Wednesday till Friday.

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