CED Chairman speaks at European Mobility Week 2016

| September 21, 2016

At European Mobility Week in Izmir, Turkey, Marianne Weinreich, Chairman of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark, will be speaking about the Danish bicycle culture.


Marianne Weinreich speaking at a previous conference

Marianne will be focusing on mobility, and on Danish solutions on cycling issues. Through a historic bicycle culture Denmark as a nation and Danish companies have developed extensive know-how, and the Cycling Embassy of Denmark are continuously working on sharing this knowledge with the rest of Europe in order to create healthier, safer, and broader solutions on mobility issues across continent.

European Mobility Week 2016 has the tagline, ‘Smart and sustainable mobility – an investment for Europe’, which is referring to the close ties between transport and economics. The benefits of smarter mobility can be applied broadly from the public to the private sector and from society at large to the individual perspective. In addition, European Mobility Week 2016 is encouraging local politicians and the public in general to look at smart and sustainable mobility as an investment for Europe.

Since 2002, European Mobility Week has sought to influence mobility and urban transport issues, as well as improve the health and quality of life of citizens. The campaign also gives citizens a chance to explore specific solutions on tackling urban challenges, such as air pollution and congestion.

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