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| September 7, 2016
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From the conference at Christiansborg. Photo: Cycling Embassy of Denmark

Tuesday the 30th of August 2016, politicians, cycling enthusiasts, and specialists were gathered at a national bicycle conference at Christiansborg, hosted by The Social Democrats and the Danish Cyclists´ Federation. The purpose of the conference was to debate the political issues regarding bicycle planning.

The focus of the conference was the bicycle culture of the future. In the future, we need to use our bicycles more, both in regard of being healthier, but also in regard of making our cities more sustainable and livable. The conference was seen as a means of sharing knowledge, experiences, and ideas from around the country, on how they have managed to incorporate bicycles more in their infrastructure and everyday lives.

The conference was well attended by both politicians, experts and cycling enthusiasts. They all participated in the debate on how best to improve and incorporate cycling more, but also how we can bring bicycle policies back on the political agenda. All agreed that more political focus on bicycles is needed, and more financial support to improve the bicycle opportunities in Denmark is essential.

A National Cycling Fund
One way of giving the cycling area financial support, is through a national cycling fund. In 2009 a majority in the Danish Parliament set aside 135 million € in a national Cycling Fund. Over five years, the Cycling Fund supported 388 projects out of more than 1000 applications, and if you include the municipalities´ self-financing, the Cycling Fund has generated investments in cycling for over 270 million €. The bicycle billion has been a major breakthrough for cycling in Denmark, and the initiative has made focusing on making more Danes use their bikes possible.

The conference showed that despite party differences and different experiences, ideas and knowledge, the government, the municipalities etc., needs to focus more on incorporating bicycles. This due to different reasons that can benefit society as a whole. Bicycling is a way of making the population healthier, it is a way if improving the environment in our cities, and it is a way of making our infrastructure less crowded.

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