Niels Hoe speaking at DRUID 16

| June 13, 2016

CBS where Niels Hoe will be speaking later today

Every year since 1995, the DRUID conference has brought together PhD students of areas within global change and innovation, and has since grown to become one of the premier academic conferences of its kind.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the conference and this year it is hosted by Copenhagen Business School (CBS), meaning many of tomorrow’s brightest young minds will experience the Danish capitol for the first time. True to its city’s spirit, CBS reached out to the Cycling Embassy of Denmark to have us recommend a speaker which could talk about the microgeography of cycling. Luckily Niels Hoe from HOE360 Consulting was available.

At DRUID 16 Niels Hoe will be speaking about, how a city where 56% of the inhabitants who study or work in the city commute by bicycle, sets the scene for a unique set of micro interactions and meetings. Specifically the focus will be on how creativity is shaped and stimulated in a city where students, parents, children, and adults are not enclosed in metal boxes when traversing their city. Copenhageners experience their city from their bike, this is something few other cities can claim, and Niels Hoe will be sharing this uniqueness with over 250 participants from 40 countries today.


You can view the programme of DRUID 16 here – Niels Hoe presentation is described on page 39 in the bottom left corner.

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