Municipality of Gladsaxe this year’s Danish municipality of biking.

| June 6, 2016
Municipality of Gladsaxe

Credit: Municipality of Gladsaxe

The following year, the Municipality of Gladsaxe will hold the title of this year’s bike municipality. Every year since 2005 the Danish Cyclists’ Federation has announced a new winner of the title at the National Danish Bike Conference

For many years the Municipality of Gladsaxe has worked to create good and safe bike lanes. As a result new 30/40 km/h zones have been established by 94 % of the municipality’s roads, and an all new innovative green path combines active transportation for school children with rain water drainage. In addition the municipality has launched the Gladsaxe Bikes campaign, which will include new bike lanes at six major traffic arteries, new and improved super bike highways, and an effort to improve the amount of bike parking at shops, schools, and bus stops.

Massive backing for school cycling

In Gladsaxe the head of the Traffic and Technical committee Ole Skrald Rasmussen is excited to receive the title:

“What is mostly on my mind is that children bike, and I can happily announce that more than 75 % of children in our public schools bike or walk to school. Our plans to establish new school bike lanes on six roads in 2016-2017 will further increase the modal share”.

An example for others to follow
Each year The Danish Cyclists’ Federation awards the title to one municipality which prioritizes cyclists’ needs, creates visible results, and get more people cycling. The title of Bike Municipality of the Year is thought of as both an appreciation of past efforts, and an encouragement to keep up the good work. Jette Gotsche, chairman of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation, has the following to say on the title;

“In the Danish Cyclists’ Federation we hope that the title can inspire municipalities to think outside the box, and develop ambitions for bike traffic. Gladsaxe is receiving this year’s title for its many exciting projects and visions surrounding cycling. These have both involved a focus on safety and accessibility on the municipality’s bike lanes. The specific green solutions are something which can be expanded to other municipalities, and which can hopefully motivate further development in cycling”.   

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