Beautiful light at the end of the tunnel

| May 23, 2016

For Gladsaxe’s many cyclists, ‘tunnel vision’ will take on a completely new and luminous meaning in the near future, when tunnels are fitted with spectacular new interactive orange “wheels”.

Twelve tunnels will light the way of cyclists to spectacular effect in the Danish Municipality of Gladsaxe along the Farum Cycle Super Highway, a network of bikeways running through the Municipality of Gladsaxe parallel to a motorway. They provide commuting cyclists with a safe, smooth and comfortable ride with as few stops as vis_r0possible.

Two or three of the tunnels will have spectacularly designed orange “wheels”, two metres in diameter, made of multiple LED-lights that will “spin” in the direction the cyclist is going.

Stimulating experience
The new tunnel lighting will be fitted by ÅF Lighting this year. The idea is to give the tunnels a recognizable visual identity and to give the cyclists and pedestrians that use the tunnel a positive and stimulating experience.

All tunnels will be fitted with symmetrically fitted downlights overhead lighting that will solve present problems with insufficient and uneven lighting and “black hole effects” that cause partial blindness when entering the tunnel.

Fun and distinctive
The new orange “wheels” were designed as a combined effort between ÅF Lighting, the Municipalities of Gladsaxe  and Copenhagen and students from Aalborg University, says Road and Traffic engineer from the Municipality of Gladsaxe, Susanne Bislev Sonnenberg.

– We had the money and we wanted to create something that was both fun and distinctive, and something that complemented the dynamic lighting that we recently set up outside the tunnels. The idea to do something inside the tunnels came about when people were complementing us on the dynamic lighting, but at the same time pointing to the insufficient lighting inside the tunnels.

Susanne Bislev Sonnenberg expects more cyclists to use the Farum Super Cycle Highway due to an increased feeling of safety brought about by the new lighting, as was the effect of the dynamic lighting.

Safe traffic ways
The tunnels are part of Gladsaxe’s sustainable traffic strategy that involves an understanding of the interrelation between the different means of transport, with a special focus on cycling as being a cheap, safe, environmentally sustainable and healthy means of transport.

The tunnel project comes in the slipstream of a number of cycling-related projects in Gladsaxe that have helped make Gladsaxe one of the top cycling municipalities in Denmark.

New bikeways have provided safe transport for cycling schoolchildren and a combination of traffic calming, speed reduction zones, speed bumps and narrowed roads have brought about a reduction of traffic collisions that, together with a decade-long focus on road safety, has seen traffic injuries plummet dramatically in the last thirty years.

According to a recent user-survey, seventy-seven percent of Gladsaxe’s workforce, who have less than 5 km to work, use their bicycle to get to work.

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