Leaflets from Velo-City 2016

| March 15, 2016

Cycling Embassy of Denmark (2)Clicking the title of the leaflet will access both the English and Chinese version (the Chinese translation is attached after the page in English). 

Every year when the Cycling Embassy of Denmark visits the Velo-City conference, we naturally bring along informational leaflets on various cycling related topics. This way we can quite easily share loads of information with a vast audience, without having to recite statistics with the danger of sounding like an old tape recorder. Naturally it is impossible for every bicycle enthusiast, urban planner, and politicians to attend the Velo-City conference (even thou they would definitely benefit from it). So instead of hoarding this year’s leaflets – we wish for as many people to bike as possible – we have made them publicly available here.

You can see a brief description of each leaflet’s topic below. Attached to each leaflet is a Chinese translation.

Cyclists are priceless

Often times a proposal for switching infrastructure meant for cars in favour of infrastructure favouring cyclists or pedestrians, is met with protests from small business owners arguing that it will alienate their customers, as they are unable to reach shops easily. As it turns out, research from both Denmark and the European Cyclists’ Federation suggest that cyclists are actually more active shoppers – properly due to all the money they save on not having to drive around expensive car.

Cycling Games

Learning to ride a bike – especially in densely trafficked urban areas – is not something that happens overnight. Before kids can take their first pedal strokes on the bike paths of Danish cities, they have to be able to maintain balance and control over their bike, orientate themselves in traffic, and predict the movements of other commuters (often times difficult even for adults).

The Cycling Embassy of Denmark has great experience teaching kids how to bike in a stimulating and fun way, insuring the safety of future generations of cyclists.

Cycle Tracks in Denmark

Why do Danes bike? Why because it is safe and fast of course! Here we gathered up some of the key points of Danish cycling infrastructure and why it works.

The Cycle Serpent of Copenhagen

You have properly seen pictures of it, maybe even been lucky enough to try it, and maybe even dreamt of building something similar in your own city. Here you can read a brief descriptions of the how’s and why’s of building a seemingly overly complicated bridge for cyclists.

Copenhagen’s Bicycle Account

Every second year the Municipality of Copenhagen publishes a new Bicycle Account summarizing key statistics on cycling in the Danish capitol. Many of the statistics we boast off comes from this account. You can view the English version of the latest (2014) account here.

About the Cycling Embassy of Denmark

Who are we? What do we do? Why do we exist? If you’re interested in reading more about the Cycling Embassy of Denmark, here’s your chance.



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