City of Bikes – Copenhagen. The philosophy of becoming the world’s best cycling city

| March 15, 2016


Copenhagen has stood out as a prime example of bike infrastructure and policy making for years, however the city is no longer content with “just” being great, it want to be the best, proclaiming that the explicit goal of Copenhagen from 2016 is to become THE best city for cycling in the world.

Arguably Copenhagen is already quite close to its goal. According to our member Copenhagenize, who every second year index the top 20 bicycling-cities of the world, Amsterdam took the number one spot in 2011 and 2013, with Copenhagen at a close second. In 2015 thou, Copenhagen overtook Amsterdam as the number one city mainly due to its innovative solutions and political goodwill towards cyclists.

This short and beautiful film presents the best aspects of Copenhagen’s bike culture and the philosophy behind it. The video includes interviews with 3 experts; Andreas Røhl from Gehl Architects, Ole Kassow from Cycling Without Age, and Anna Schepper the architect of “Cykelslangen” the famed curly bridge depicted in the picture above. Both Gehl Architects and Ole Kassow are members of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark.


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