Philippe Crist of the International Transport Forum wins the 2016 Leadership Award at Velo-City Taipei

| February 29, 2016
Morten Kabell og Philippe Crist

Morten Kabell to the left, and Philippe Crist to the right.

Each year the Cycling Embassy of Denmark awards one organisation or individual with the Leadership Awards for Cycling Promotion. This year Mortel Kabell, the Mayor of Technical and Environmental Affairs at the City of Copenhagen, presented the award to Philippe Crist from the International Transport Forum at OECD. 

Philippe Crist has throughout his career worked on improving the conditions for cyclists. His personal leadership and infatuating enthusiasm has helped put cycling on the international agenda. At the same time his strategic understanding of the societal benefits to health, traffic safety, and economy, from cycling, has proven inspirational to people throughout the world. Phillippe himself was honoured and surprised to receive the award and said:

“I have only won two awards in my life that have really mattered to me on a deep personal level. The first was an award I received when I was quite young. The second award I received from you [the Cycling Embassy of Denmark] yesterday evening. I just wanted to let you know that my childhood award launched me on a voyage…. but your award confirmed that I had arrived. Thank you for so elegantly and generously closing this arc in my life. It really means a lot to me. And of course , now I will redouble my efforts!”

Marianne Weinreich, chairman of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark, had the following to say on Philippe Crist’s work:

“Philippe’s work has proven invaluable in getting the international community to truly realise the huge benefits and opportunities in cycling. We hope that he will see this reward as an acknowledgment of his great work, and that the award will prove an inspiration for him and others to continue promoting cycling on both a local, national, and international scale”.

Previous award winners

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