In Odense kindergarteners bike to school

| February 25, 2016
Virum Skole, børn cykler til skole, Danmark

Photo credit: Mikkel Østergaard

Once more our member, the municipality of Odense, has caught the eye of the international media due to their success in promoting bicycling. This time it is The Washington Post which recently published an article about the municipalities focus on alternative transport for even the smallest children. Actually the municipality has been so successful in promoting alternatives to the car that the municipality believe it possible for 90% of students (no matter their age) to walk, bike, or skateboard to and from school.

One school in particular focuses on how its students arrive each morning. Lars Christian Eriksen, principal of the St. Hans School, says that cars are not welcome in front of the school, and that police will ticket parents who park in front of the school. According to Lars Christian Eriksen having children bike or walk to school makes perfect sense from an educational standpoint, as children have a lot easier time focusing on their education, when they begin their day with a healthy dose of fresh air and exercise.

In Odense, the combination of schools’ prioritization of alternative commuting and the municipalities culture for prioritizing bicyclists and pedestrians over cars, has led to a unique example of how even smaller cities throughout Europe can change their transport culture. Even by Danish standards, Odense has been extremely successful when it comes to getting their citizens to bike, and plenty of cities around the world can with Odense’s example, no longer use their smaller size as an excuse for not promoting bicycling and walking!

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