Copenhagen invests in online intelligent traffic signals for the entire city

| February 17, 2016

shutterstock_254100103No more red waves and heavy traffic at low speed, when driving to and from work.

Copenhagen has invested in 380 new intelligent traffic signals, in order to replace the old light. The new signals will save bus passengers between 5 and 20 percent of their travel time, according to the municipality. The traffic lights are online, making it possible to regulate traffic better and repair damaged traffic lights faster, says Technical and Environmental Mayor Morten Kabell (EL).

“The old signals were worn out. The new signals will ensure green waves and a better traffic management in Copenhagen in general”, he says.

But It’s not only the public transport which will benefit from the upgrade. Cyclists can look forward to 10 percent shorter travel times on the bike paths. CEO of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation Klaus Bondam, sees the signals as a major achievement.

“It is very high on our wish list for the City of Copenhagen and Denmark in general”, he says.

Copenhagen is the first city in Scandinavia, to replace all traffic signals with intelligent signals.

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